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Started by minus)emp, May 13, 2022, 10:08 AM

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[RO]Atentie!! Include numele adminului reclamat in titlu ex:
[EN]Attention!! Include the name of the complained admin in the title ex:

  • Cerere reclamatie minus)emp

[RO]Unde sa uploadezi dovada ca adminului este vinovat:
[EN]Where to upload proof that the admin is guilty:


Nick: minus)emp
Data: 13.05.2022 (format dd/mm/yy)
Dovada: Enter your proof link here
Argument: Explain why the admin is guilty

[RO]In topic numai playerul reclamant si adminul reclamat pot posta + managerii/ownerii serverului.
[EN]In the complaint only the complaining admin and the complaining player plus Managers/Founders are allowed to post.